Wastewater Treatment Solution

Wastewater Treatment Solution

Wastewater Treatment Solution

Needing a Wastewater Treatment Solution - Look no further as the AES (Advanced Enviro-Septic) Wastewater Treatment System could be what you need.  Here are some of the benefits to having an AES system installed:


* ZERO operating costs

* 20 year warranty

* No pumps or chemicals

* No power required for a standard AES system so not only cost saving but no noisy pump activating that will eventually fail and need replacing

* No aerator, blower or filters that can fail or need checking and replacing

* Reliable with intermittent use, irrigation options

* Compact AES beds can be installed under lawns, landscaping or even under your driveway


Where are AES systems used: Residential Dwellings - Holiday Homes - Farm Houses - Campgrounds - Community Buildings - Marae - Schools - Factories - DOC Huts - Sub divisions - Remote Locations - Small to Medium sized towns.


Paul is certified to design and install the AES system for you.  If you have any questions regarding the system please feel free to contact us 06 751 5000 or 027 450 9199.


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