Response to the Climate Commission Draft

Response to the Climate Commission Draft

The climate commission has released a draft report which has created many questions within our industry and with our clients.

The key things to remember are:

The report from the Climate Commission is only a suggestion. They are consulting on it, and it may or may not become government policy.

-  In New Zealand the domestic gas usage for consumers is approximately 3% of the total natural gas usage.  Commercial players such as factories, power stations, and food providers make up the majority of gas users. Unfortunately all the focus seems to be on domestic gas.

NZ has plenty of natural gas for homes to last for decades.

-  Over 425,000 NZ homes and businesses use reliable and affordable gas energy.

Kiwi homes powering their cooking, heating and hot water with natural gas contribute to less than 1% of NZ's greenhouse gas emissions.

-  Zero emission gases like hydrogen gas and biogas are being trialled in NZ and are being recognised as good options by the Climate Change Commission.

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