Thanks so much for the fantastic job you've done installing our radiant central heating. Last winter was miserable with just our wood fire and assorted small space heaters. This year is terrific! No more cold rooms (unless we control them that way) and the quality of radiant heat is hard to beat. We were given great information from you Paul and our decision was definitely the right one. We've had gas central heating before but we feel this is the top of the heap. And the service from all of you there has been great. We would not hesitate to recommend Garner Holdings to anyone seeking a professional, personal service to handle their heating needs and we would be happy to receive calls as a reference. Thanks again! Bill & Zay Griffith

We live in an old two storey house which was very cold until we put in this system, it has made a huge difference to our lives. We are very impressed with the product and the service. We couldn’t be happier.

It’s very difficult asking for a recommendations of tradesmen when building a new home. You don’t know if they are giving you the name of a mate, or if they are in fact a great trade’s person. However, when it came to the plumbing area, one name kept popping up…Paul Garner. We needed a general plumber, a gasfitter for the stove hobs and fireplace and an expert to install the underfloor water heating system we required. We were told he was the best around, so we made contact with him, and we’re so please we did. Chatting with him, we found he had worked in the USA for about 20 years and certainly had an extensive knowledge of underfloor heating systems. This was the one area I was a Little apprehensive about because once the floor has been poured, there’s no turning back to remedy problems. Paul put my mind to rest, so he was given the job. What a great decision that was. We were so pleased with all aspects of Paul and his teams work. The caring nature, the pride, the expertise, the knowledge, the working in with other trades people, the urgency, the willing to change, the dialogue and advice. It was certainly a pleasure to have been associated with Paul and his team… Thanks for wonderful job. PS Everything Paul said about our plumbing, underfloor heating, gas cooking and fireplace setup has been exactly correct and performed in the manner he said it would…with not one hiccup!

Dear Paul, When we began searching for a supplier/installer for a heating system for our new large ‘off the grid’ house, you came well recommended. Now we can see why. I would like to thank yourself and Dan personally for the excellent work done installing the heating system at our new home. From presenting a concept floor plan to you and discussing heating options with pros and cons (at length), to marking up the building consented plans with equipment layout and locations, solving small difficult problems that could have had reasonable implications because of the unique design of our ‘off the grid house’, you were a pleasure to deal with and very keen to share your knowledge. You were accurate with the detail you provided throughout the design and build process and you backed this up with a system that worked exactly as you said it would, so well done. I was particularly impressed with how accommodating you and Dan were when it came to discussing the finer points of how these systems actually work. We are very happy with the performance of the diesel heating system installed. It gives us the opportunity to run the house automatically or manually which is important as it gives flexibility to control the heating mode in each room, something that provides us with some economy when we use our wood burner to heat the house. There were a few tight and unique locations to install radiators, one in particular being the master bedroom walk in wardrobe. This is where the radiator was set flush into the shelving so as not to intrude into the walking space and it needed to look aesthetically pleasing. Getting this right took some effort and coordination between Dan and the wardrobe joinery installer and the result is perfect. We are very thankful for Dam’s effort in communicating with us to ensure things were how we wanted them (before and after they were installed). A final point I would like to note is that all of the dates and times for meeting and installation that were agreed to throughout the build were honoured and think this is very admirable. Thank you again Paul you are true gentleman and you operate very professionally. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone installing a heating system. Kind regards, Kelly Armfield & Steph Halls’223 Bertrabd Road, Tikorangi


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